Second Life, Google Lively, Facebook, MySpace Google Trends – Who is most popular?

I was already in Google trends so decided to run the New Google Lively vs. Second Life than vs. Facebook and MySpace. The search requests for Second Life are definitely dropping and you can see an immediate spike when Google announced Lively on July 9, 2008. I prefer Second Life over Lively but curious about early adopters of Second Life, did they sign up in 2006/2007 and already in the system so no need to search anymore? I would think that search requests would be up for both terms as anytime Google enters a space it usually is going to be an interesting ride. I was recently at Internet Retailer in Chicago and heard about the booming activity within Second Life 11 million + members and that is why I got involved. Virtual branding is a big deal these days and if you are unaware of this trend you need to get up to speed ASAP. For example, major car companies are releasing new models in Second Life and is a world that exists 24/7. An interesting point is that people don’t sleep in second life so you can market on an international basis 24/7 as well. Lively is in Blue, Second Life in red (see more info below)

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A virtual `Second Life’
Whittier Daily News – Feb 26 2007

Virtual Trip: Travel in ‘Second Life’
Town Hall – May 11 2007

‘Second Life’ Sex Machine Spawns Lawsuit
Lompoc Record – Aug 11 2007

Google’s Own Second Life?
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription) – Sep 27 2007

Google ventures into virtual reality with ‘Lively’
Town Hall – Jul 9 2008

Google launches Second Life rival
The Dominion Post – Jul 9 2008

What is Google Trend analysis of Lively, Second Life, MySpace, Facebook?

1. Facebook
2. MySpace
3. Second Life
4. Lively (not enough data)

Facebook is by far more popular in Google searches than MySpace with Second Life way down the list. Apparently, MySpace should be crisis mode right now as they really need a new strategy to spike demand. Demand for virtual worlds is much smaller than I originally thought. Orange – Facebook, Green – mySpace, Red – Second Life

Rank by   lively second life facebook myspace

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Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Sep 25 2007

MySpace, Skype partner to add voice calling features to MySpace
Jackson Clarion Ledger – Oct 17 2007

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PR Newswire (press release) – Nov 7 2007

Facebook, states set predator safeguards
MSNBC – May 8 2008

Facebook to help some programmers, punish others
Hinesberg Journal – Jul 24 2008

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