FlipMe ‘Flips" Dating Strategy Marketing

Heard about this new concept in dating that bridges offline and online? A company in NYC called FlipMe is helping singles find dates with the use of a personalized id card that are physically handed to a potential date. I first read about this in the Wall Street Journal and was intrigued by the limitless ways this could affect performance based marketing along with social media and local based marketing strategies.

Why is this important?

  • The bridge between offline and online is important as the introduction happens without a dating commitment.
  • The person “paid subscriber” becomes a company salesperson by handing out personalized cards on behalf of FlipMe at no cost to FlipMe.
  • FlipMe is making money! $24.99 for a 3 month subscription and 30 cards.
  • It’s different than traditional dating models that reply on either offline or online interactions.

Where is the “Untapped Opportunity” for Marketing?

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare)



  • Buried way at the bottom of the site is Facebook & Twitter. These are enormous opportunities that can help promote & unite the members. Contests, tie in with FourSquare meet-ups in various cities all lead to exponential growth of this model. Currently they have 209 Facebook Likes and 119 Twitter followers and would like to see a few more digits on that number.
  • Consider the recent media blitz with Old Spice and you get the idea (build a bridge but make the end result remarkable)
  • Spokesperson? Who would be perfect for this role?

Performance Marketing aka Affiliate Marketing is Key

  • It’s time to bring in the big guns and offer up a CPA (cost per action) to affiliate marketers to drive signups to the site.
  • Performance based marketers will provide paid advertising across Facebook, Search and various media outlets to drive revenue.
  • In case you may be confused, a marketer may get paid $3-$5 to drive a new subscriber to fill out a Free Trial or Subscription. They are paid on either the action of filling out the lead or the subscription depending on the performance model.

Missing a Free Trial

  • This is key to allowing people to get hooked on the concept, the other dating companies use this strategy and it works. See how Singlesnet.com does it below.

Web Design & Conversion Strategy & Ideas

  • The landing page (home page of this site) could be improved for conversions. I’m not sure if the card brings you to this page but would be nice if the id number of the card would take the user to a specialized landing page created for that subscriber instead.
  • Video – testimonials or member statistics are key here.
  • Mobile Site – why not allow the person who just received the card to view right on their mobile phone?
  • Mobile Apps & Mobile Dating by Location – A natural evolution for this would allow subscribers to tap into accounts and maybe a virtual FlipMe bump could occur to pass information without the use of a id card. A Green dating concept.

Those are my thoughts today and excited about this new concept and wil be watching closely to see how this evolves.

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