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At Vastplanet we believe in helping small businesses get started. As a fellow entrepreneur we realize that every dollar counts when launching a new online store and we have created a new product – that can launch you into ecommerce in 7 days without breaking your budget! If you wanted to have a new store before the holidays or a niche business this is the perfect solution to consider.

Do it Yourself Concept
Over the years (13 and counting), we  have talked with thousands of entrepreneurs with great ideas. Some well funded and some less, we felt a need to provide a budget based system that enabled a new store owner to build portions of the site themselves to save money on web development & time. With vpzip, you choose a professional ecommerce template design from our online gallery and we do the heavy lifting of integrating it into your Yahoo Store. Timeframe goes from 1 to 2 months to 7 days.

Why Buy an Ecommerce Template?
The best answer is that a pre-designed web site is the fastest, most affordable and professional approach to launching an online store. Today, you can go out an purchase a WordPress template design for your blog that’s inexpensive and effective. However, in the blog example the template integration is up to the buyer and with vpzip we are doing the integration for you and providing support along the way. Sure, it’s more work and lot’s of programming but the end result is a professional design that can save you hundreds if not thousands on custom Yahoo Store design.

Why Yahoo Store?
As a Yahoo Merchant Solutions developer since 1998, we have witnessed first hand the benefits of the Yahoo Store platform. Our clients have created and sold multi-million dollar online businesses with Yahoo and have been very happy. Our new venture, vpzip is also a Yahoo Store and the best part is that everything is easy to use. From any computer or smartphone / tablet you can edit products, check orders, review reports, place items on sale or adjust pricing. Yahoo backs up the data on a regular basis and also provides built in integration for Paypal, UPS and more.

As you start to compare ecommerce providers, you will find that not all are equal. Many times you will see the end result and find that you need to understand php to change something. With vpzip, it’s more of a replacement and add mentality. If you choose to add onto your store down the road you can change it all you want (of course we would like you to stay in the proven template design) but that’s your choice.

I encourage you to check out Yahoo Store either way and have a nice discount to save 35% today! that you can explore.

Are you are ready to try vpzip?
For our valued readers, I am including a special launch coupon savings of $50 which is valid till 11/4/11. Visit and use coupon code – “VIP” (sounds good right?).



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