Facebook Ecommerce | Creating the Right Formula for Your Business

Putting Facebook and Ecommerce together makes perfect sense. With so many people already on Facebook sharing status updates, photos and visiting brand / fan pages why not sell products to them? In the graph below you will see the U.S. consumption of minutes on Facebook growing at 69% vs. a decline of 9% for the rest of the web (data source: Silicon Alley Insider).

You have various options to get started and created a Slideshare presentation to walk you through the steps of Facebook Ecommerce. The nice thing is that you can start a Facebook Online Store yourself, invest in a ready to go ecommerce solution or consider custom Facebook development. At Vastplanet, we are ready to assist you in developing your strategy and can you assist in creating or integrating a paid or free solution for your business that meets your budget.

Example of a Facebook Ecommerce Store (was created with Zibaba - partner link)
Just like a typical ecommerce solution with home page, section / subsection page, product page and shopping cart. Additional features include fan discounts, related items, multiple images, etc. What I like best is the flexibility to either redirect products to your actual online store or checkout online within Facebook. This store was made for vpzip – our Yahoo Store template solution.

Ready for the Presentation?
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